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Some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Where are you located?

We are located at McPherson Park, 240 W McDonwell School Rd Colleyville, TX 76034.

How do I check in?

On your first day of camp, please turn in your registration, and/or medical/waiver paperwork at check-in under our big white tent unless you completed everything online. Online is preferred, as it can make check in quick for you in the mornings. You will pay your balance at camp with a check or cash, we can only accept a credit card online. 

Our morning manager will be coordinating with you in the mornings. Please park and walk from the parking lot to the campground. Please arrive a smidge earlier than planned, as check in could take a couple extra minutes. We love having parents join us during the day but please tell a manager or myself before walking around our camp grounds.

What should my child bring to camp?

Sunscreen/bug spray

Change of clothes, plastic bag for wet clothes, and a bag/backpack to hold everything

Closed toe shoes and flip flops/sandals

Water bottle (we have ice water so they can refill their bottles all day)

**Electronics are not allowed at camp, so please have your camper leave them at home.  If you want your child to have a cell phone, please let them know it must remain in their backpack and will need ask permission to use it.**

What do I do in the case of severe weather?

Make sure to check weather conditions before coming to camp! Severe thunderstorms are a NO GO!! But we do love the rain here at Adventure Day Camps… YES we will be having fun in the rain. That means RAIN BOOTS, JACKETS, UMBRELLAS… (maybe a change of clothes for pickup). If lightning or thunder get questionable, we will make our way to the fire station and get the grand tour until the weather gets better. We will inform you of any finalized cancellations the day prior or sooner if it can be determined. 

Should I send my child with any money?

Monday/Tuesday - Lunch/drink in a small cooler, lunch kit, paper sack, etc.

Wednesday - $6 for Sonic

Thursday - $6 for Chick-fil-A

Friday - $6 for pizza + $2 for a Sonic slushee

(these can also be paid online) (Campers are still allowed to bring their own lunches Wed.-Fri.)

How does drop off / pick up work?

If you are attending 1/2 days, morning session can drop off between 8:30/9:00am and pick up between 12/1:00pm if they are joining us for lunch, PM 1/2 days, you can drop off between 12/1:00pm, depending on them having lunch with us...pick up between 4:30/5....extended hours are as early as 7:00am drop off and as late as 6pm (after 6pm, there will be a $1 per minute extra charge).

Please come to the front desk to pick up your camper, just like when you check-in. A manager will be at the desk to assist you. If you are a new parent to ADC, please bring your ID so a manager can match it to the registration. If you know you will be rushing just give us a call ahead of time and we can get your camper ready before you get to camp.

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